Stable Lane Digital Hub

Mentor Program

Stable Lane Digital Hub will soon launch its Mentoring Programme.

The Stable Lane Hub Mentoring Programme

  • Stable Lane Digital Hub will soon launch its Mentoring Programme.

  • This structured Programme will provide mentoring & business support for entrepreneurs, start-ups & small companies working in the digital sector.

  • Our panel of prestigious Mentors will volunteer their time to share their professional insights and expertise, and provide guidance to aspiring professionals in the region, contributing to enterprise growth and enterprise development.

  • Full detail on our Mentoring Programme to follow.

Training & Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • The e-Hub will provide Corporate Training in the form of classroom, virtual training and workshops.
  • SLDH will have access to a training space locally which will be utilized for training, virtual training, events, and workshops.
  • Training Programmes will comprise:
    • Tailored training to the specific needs of a business
    • Tailored Public Sector Training & workshops
    • Business training & Workshops in identified areas for SME’s; Micro Businesses; Entrepreneurs in the region and beyond

All training and workshops will be demand lead, therefore, continuous market research will be carried out to identify training needs.

Social Media Training

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

IT Training

  • Excel beginners; Intermediate;
    MS Word
    Project Management
    Media Training
    COVID 19 Workplace Protection Training
    SLDH Startup/Scaleup Programme

This training will be targeted at SME’s, Public Sector Bodies & large organisations in the area and conducted by industry professionals and subject matter experts.
SLDH plan to host 1 training event every 6 weeks.

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